DIALife — Digital Innovations Across the Life

Social oriented IT solutions for healthcare and education

Mobile app
The first cross-platform app, aimed to teach children and their parents basic principles of controlling diabetes. It also has a function of alarm, and describes an algorithm of initial help, when diabetes threatens one’s life.

Personalized medicine
Helps to choose a proper medical treatment model, based on suitable diagnostic methods, medication and prophylactic drugs, selected with attention to genetic, physiological, biochemical and other specifics of a particular person.


  • Vasiliy Gustov

    Chief Executive Officer

    Experienced at implementation of various social programs and projects, having our own innovative know-hows, we aspire to develop and integrate only complex digital solutions, which are to help each user (patient) in living happy and fulfilling life.

  • Igor Lyulyukin

    Chief Visionary and Digital Officer

    Now, while paradigm of consumption is changing, we need to develop new interactive, ‘responding’ products, fulfilled with empathy. It is necessary to use freshest forms and ways, integrating best practices of versatile human knowledge. These are basics of our approach in implementation of innovative projects.

  • Alexandra Rempel

    Creative and Art director

    It is crucial to use world experience in arts – cinema, theatre, music and animated cartoons, coupled with modern technologies while working with nowadays audience.


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