A new era of personalized medicine

The ideal personalized medicine is, when a patient has his samples taken at the hospital. Then, the samples are digitized — the genome is sequenced, read with transcript etc. All the information including medical history of the patient is uploaded into computer. In a moment, the algorithm gives a diagnosis, forecasts, and recommends treatment. Doctors only have to estimate machine’s medical assessment, and initiate the therapy. Now, this ‘machine’, accounting not only the age, weight, sex, but also a molecular body passport, is being constructed gradually.


One day, each disease will gain its set of biomarkers, when just a few samples are enough for giving a proper diagnosis. Although, it takes long to create these machines, some of technologies are already available.


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Creation of interactive learning environment for patients with chronic non-communicable diseases


Creation of interactive learning environment for patients with chronic non-communicable diseases

Interactive educational environment is a learning form, made for patients with chronic non-communicable diseases or persons with risks factors, and aimed to teach patients and their family modern ways of controlling diseases, as well, as their prophylaxis.

It is organized, according to presence of a particular  chronic non-communicable disease or risks factors of its development.


The structure of interactive educational environment includes 6 programs:

  1. Prophylaxis of arterial hypertension;
  2. Prophylaxis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma;
  3. Prophylaxis of diabetes and its sequelae;
  4. Prophylaxis of atherosclerosis;
  5. Healthy eating;
  6. Prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.

The aims of Patient Care:

  • Increasing of awareness about chronic non-communicable diseases;
  • Giving practical skills of prophylaxis and therapy;
  • Informing about reasons and disease development mechanisms;
  • Showing various risks factors and their role in disease development;
  • Enhancing patient’s and his family’s life;
  • Forming skills of self control and self aid;  
  • Forming skills of self aid in critical situations;
  • Forming skills of self elimination of adverse health factors;
  • Forming racial and active attitude to personal health and motivation to recovery;
  • Increasing responsibility for maintaining one’s health
  • Achieving mutual understanding and cooperation between the doctor and the patient, and all members of his family in the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Specialized cross-platform Mobile Application.

XEshka. Специализированное кроссплатформенное Мобильное Приложение.

The launch of a new project is a significant stage of DIAlife’s development. We are proud to represent a new generation of mobile applications, capable not only to teach, but also to save human lives. Working on this app, we aimed at focusing on a personality of our patient, as well as, his family and friends, who are eager to help, but do not know how to do it in a proper way. People say ‘one of the family is ill, the entire family is ill’. We tried to support both caring and sick, especially those, who are children. is the first unique cross-platform app, aimed to teach children and their parents basic principles of controlling diabetes. It also has a function of alarm, and describes an algorithm of initial help, when diabetes threatens one’s life.


Using this app, you will learn how to live with diabetes and control it, how to recognize symptoms of upcoming hypoglycemia and prevent it, how to give first aid  to yourself, a child or any other person with diabetes.


Main functions of the app


  1. TeachingInteractive program of teaching is implemented in the form of colorful comics with various sound effects, including voice guide, that lets even smallest users understand and absorb vital information better.We implemented a function of a rapid access to background information in usual text form especially for parents.The app automatically notifies users of new teaching and informational blocks, available at Play Market and AppStore.



  1. Call for help or emergency announcement (SOS)This function helps to give first aid for a person, losing consciousness due to most dangerous diabetes sequela – hypoglycemia.It allows one, giving aids, to assist an inmate properly, call the ambulance and notify patient’s keens about the situation, providing its geolocation.
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